Working at DEKRA

DEKRA at a glance

DEKRA is one of the world’s leading expert organisations and number one in Europe. The company is based in Stuttgart. As a wholly owned subsidiary of DEKRA e. V., DEKRA SE is responsible for the Group’s strategic focus and operating business. DEKRA’s activities are bundled in three business units with a total of twelve strategic business fields.



DEKRA Automotive

We are the global market leader in our automotive core business. Our experts  are knowledgeable partners when it comes to increasing safety and efficiency on the roads. Vehicle inspections, expert appraisals, evaluations and international claims management are our most important services. With comprehensive solutions, DEKRA Automotive helps the automotive industry, the vehicle business, fleet operators, the insurance industry, legal institutions and private contractors to overcome technical and economic challenges, thus making an important contribution to safe mobility. The Automotive business unit is headed by Clemens Klinke.



DEKRA Industrial

We provide industrial testing services globally. From a single source, DEKRA Industrial offers everything relating to the safety of people and the environment. Our services range from machinery and plant safety, process safety and explosion protection to environmental protection, occupational health and safety, property inspection, evaluation and consulting, product testing and certification, and system certification. It is led by Ivo Rauh.



DEKRA Personnel

As a full-service provider of comprehensive personnel concepts, the Personnel business unit assists both companies and jobseekers. With tailored concepts relating to qualifications, temporary work, outplacement and recruitment and the optimisation of business processes, DEKRA Personnel offers sector-specific and flexible personnel solutions and gives jobseekers long-term professional prospects. The DEKRA Personnel business unit is headed by Jörg Mannsperger. 




Stuttgart has been the base of DEKRA e. V. and DEKRA SE since 1946. Around 1,000 employees work in the industrial district of Vaihingen, Stuttgart, near the airport and the motorway. This is primarily home to units that take on central tasks, such as Purchasing, Finance, Marketing and Human Resources. There is also the IT department, Sales and the technical departments Testing and Expertise as well as Industry, Construction and Property. These support and regulate processes throughout the Group.



DEKRA e. V. is a registered association with approximately 25,000 members that was founded in 1925. Its purpose is to support and promote the development of safety regulations in general, the operational and traffic safety of motor vehicles and vehicle ownership, and the development of motor traffic. Any company with its own fleet of vehicles, such as shipping agents, couriers and trade businesses, can become a member but not private individuals.



DEKRA e. V. spun off its business activity to DEKRA SE. DEKRA SE is therefore responsible for the entire operating business of the DEKRA Group. The highest governing bodies of the DEKRA Group are the Management Boards of DEKRA e. V., with two members, and of DEKRA SE, with five members. The Management Board reports to the Supervisory Board regularly, promptly and comprehensively about all relevant issues of corporate planning, strategic development and the business performance and position of the Group, including the risk situation. The Chairman of the DEKRA SE Supervisory Board is Thomas Pleines.


DEKRA International

DEKRA is currently active in more than 50 countries and is therefore one of the world’s four largest expert organisations. In Europe, we are actually number one. DEKRA will continue to invest in new, interesting markets in future – both in the automotive sector and in industrial testing and personnel services.