DEKRA on board with Formula Student Germany

As Official Technical Partner of the Formula Student Germany competition, DEKRA supports the student racing teams of universities throughout the world.

DEKRA has been supporting Formula Student Germany since the event first started in 2006, ensuring the safety of the drivers and their self-designed vehicles.


Seit Beginn der Formula Student Germany im Jahr 2006, begleitet DEKRA das Event und sorgt so für die Sicherheit der Fahrer und deren selbstkonstruierten Fahrzeugen.

Inspection of technical documents

Even before the competition, the DEKRA experts verify conformance with the rules and regulations with regard to the design and construction of the vehicles of all teams in Formula Student Combustion, and since 2010, for Formula Student Electric as well.

Crash attenuator test

Each year at our DEKRA Automobile Test Centre in Klettwitz, individual teams subject the crash structures at the front of their vehicle to energy absorption tests.

High-voltage training

Each year, DEKRA runs the "Working with high-voltage systems in cars for Formula Student Germany" course for the students participating in Formula Student Electric. The workshop gives them authorisation to perform work on high-voltage vehicles under specialist supervision.


The DEKRA experts support the event at the Hockenheim circuit with the basic technical approval of the racing car and are also responsible for the acceptance test on the tilt table, car-weighing, the rain test and the noise measurement test stand.

DEKRA has extensive expertise and many years of experience in professional motorsport. Amongst other things, our engineers are active as technical commissioners of the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM). In addition, with the DEKRA Technology Centre and the DEKRA Crash Test Centre in Neumünster, we have an outstanding infrastructure that enables us to stay at the leading edge in this field.

With our involvement with Formula Student, we not only support an exciting design competition but also give young engineers the chance to make important contacts as they start their professional life.

If you have any questions about our sponsorship activities for Formula Student Germany, please contact Ms Grete Mauser (grete.mauser(at)dekra(dot)com, tel.: +49.711.7861-2377).

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