Testing inspector

At one of our training centres, you will learn about everything relating to vehicle inspection, acceptance of technical changes to vehicles and emissions testing within approximately eight months.



  • University qualification in mechanical engineering, motor-vehicle manufacture or electrical engineering
  • At least 23 years old
  • Mental and physical aptitude
  • Driving licence of all classes except D and D1
  • No driving ban may be imposed or existent

This is defined in Annex VIIIb Section 29 StVZO



  • Training as an expert
  • Permanent contract from the start
  • Possible driving licence loan
  • Intensive induction

Test engineer qualification programme

Content of the advanced test engineer qualification

The training will take place in Wart and Kreischa.

After 8 month you have your final examination and you will be authorisied.

Safety meets knowledge and passion:

Frauke Fischer
Testing Engineer

What makes the job particularly exciting for you?

What makes my job so special? I get to travel around a lot, and I’m dealing with people. I’m also free to organise my work myself to a certain extent. That gives you a certain amount of freedom and makes you happier – that’s my personal view, anyway.

How did you become aware of DEKRA?

Even when I was still at school, I was very interested in vehicles. At that age, I was tinkering around on cars with friends and went to tuning trade fairs, etc. As I didn’t want to continue with purely “theoretical” learning immediately after my Abitur, I firstly decided to train as an automotive mechatronics technician. The DEKRA test engineer who ultimately made me aware of his job and the dual course of study at DEKRA visited the workshop where I did my training almost every day.

What made you choose DEKRA?

As my studies had gone really well, I definitely wanted to stay at the company, so I started additional training. I’ve now been a test engineer for three years, and I have to say I like doing this job.What made you choose DEKRA?

How would you describe a test engineer in three words?

Passion, responsibility, reliability

What’s DEKRA like as an employer?

As an employer, DEKRA offers me a lot of different development prospects. I’m currently training to become a damage expert, which I expect to find very enjoyable. The opportunities for further training at DEKRA are great. Everyone can develop in a particular direction and obtain qualifications in areas that they like and that suit them. There are many options: damage expert, accident analysis, crane or fuel oil tank inspector, gas systems in motor homes, etc.