Advices for Application

When is my application complete?

Your application should include a cogent cover letter, your detailed CV, up-to-date references relevant to the job and evidence of any additional qualifications, such as internships.


Who am I?

In your cover letter, show us who you are and why you are considering a career at DEKRA. Tell us what you expect and why you in particular are a good fit for us. The cover letter can also include your salary expectations and possible start date.


Is my CV comprehensible?

Give us a chronological, meaningful overview of your career history. This includes your highest qualification, internships, further training, relevant employment, etc.


Is my application free of errors?

Please observe all common spelling and grammar rules. You should also clearly structure your application.


Have I taken enough time?

You should have answers ready for when you are asked what makes you special. What makes you an ideal candidate? Why are you a good fit for DEKRA? You should be able to answer these and other questions to ensure a successful interview.