Office Assistant (m/f)

We will train you as an office manager at one of our branches. You will get to know the tasks at the branch. For example, this includes corresponding with customers, scheduling orders and organising events. During this business apprenticeship, you will get to know the fundamental business processes and work with modern communication methods and IT. You will learn the theory in teaching blocks at a technical college.

If you enjoy working on a PC, can express yourself well orally and in writing and have an affinity with numbers, we recommend this apprenticeship to you.

The training period for office managers lasts three years – but in cases of exceptional performance, this can be reduced by up to six months.


General info

  • Office Assistant
  • Duration: 3 years (can be reduced)
  • Affinity with IT, communication and office work


Apprenticeship programme

  • Practical training in various departments
  • Theory in block instruction (technical college)
  • Communication of business expertise


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