From the campus to DEKRA

Each year, we employ more than 150 students, helping them to gain practical experience and familiarise themselves with the various professions at DEKRA. There is particularly high demand here from engineering students specialising in mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, mechatronics, electrical engineering, utility engineering, process engineering, economics and computer science.

Besides your professional qualifications, we are particularly interested in your personality. If you enjoy working with other people and working hard on topics and tasks, we are the place for you. For the automotive sector, motor vehicle–related professional training and an affinity for vehicles is desirable.


We provide exciting jobs in the automotive and industrial sectors (e.g. as a  test engineer, damage expert or expert on pressurised equipment and lift systems). You can become acquainted with DEKRA while working as a student (internships, work experience, thesis work), or join us as soon as you finish your studies.


Get to know us personally. We attend around 30 events at universities. Our contacts from the specialist division and HR will be happy to answer your questions and give you an insight into life at DEKRA.