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Safety instructions. HQ Stuttgart

Welcome to DEKRA

Your safety at DEKRA is very important to us. Please observe our safety instructions to ensure a pleasant and safe stay.

You must report to reception in building Q1 before entering the operations buildings (Q1-7). This is where you receive these safety instructions.

Remain close to your DEKRA contact person and do not wander away from your visitor group. Do not use any work equipment without being instructed in advance. Inform your DEKRA contact person about any lacks of safety.

The following applies to the entire company
Pay attention to special safety signs in the different working areas.

In the event of a alarm, stop work at once, leave the affected section immediately, and make your way to the assigned meeting point. Remain in the vicinity of your DEKRA contact person. Do not re-enter the building until told to do so by the fire department or the building services.

  • Keep calm
  • If you see a fire, inform the fire department or your DEKRA contact person immediately
  • Warn persons who may be in danger
  • Leave the building, following the marked escape routes
  • Follow the instructions given by the DEKRA emergency responders or the fire department
  • Do not use the elevators
  • Help injured or disabled people
  • Go to the meeting point
  • Keep fire department access route free

Location map of buildings Q1 to 7 and routes to the meeting points.

Location map of buildings Q1 to 7 and routes to the meeting points.

Meeting point curved area Q7 (DEKRA Labor): Q1-3, Q6-7
Meeting point entrance Godel-Beton: Q4
Opposite side of the road: Q5, GLOBEX, Storage Hall (parking)

Occupational health and safety management system:
DEKRA Automobil GmbH has obtained occupational health and safety certification according to OHSAS 18001.

Please note our

  • displayed escape and rescue plans that show the escape routes marked in green
  • displayed alarm plans
  • locations of the fire extinguishers and first-aid boxes (marked on the escape and rescue plans)
  • Defibrillators are located in the input ranges Q1-Q7

In the event of an accident

  • administer firstaid
  • call emergency number 0-112 (from any telephone)
  • inform the company‘s first-aiders
    These employees have a green first-aid pennant on their office doors. Contact a DEKRA employee or reception (tel.: -2790).

direct dialing
Emergency number and fire department0-112
First-aider (ask at reception)-2790
Environmental hazard-3718
Fault in the building services-2748
Company officer for
Occupational health and safety-1646
Facilities manager in accordance with VDE 0105-1935
Fire protection-1646
Works Council-2106
Company doctor-2226
Severely disabled employees‘ representative-2106

Handwerkstraße 15
70565 Stuttgart
Telefon +49.711.7861-0
Telefax +49.711.7861-2240

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