Escalator and moving walkway testing

Tests for safety on every level

As with lifts, the Occupational Safety Regulations (BetrSichV) also stipulates regular testing for escalators and moving walkways. The scope and periods of this periodic testing must be determined by the operator as part of a hazard assessment. DEKRA recommends carrying this out once per year.
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According to the Occupational Safety Regulation, as well as periodic testing, other assessments and inspections of your system must be carried out by an approved monitoring body or a capable person, for example, before initial commissioning or after technical modifications.

DEKRA services for escalators and moving walkways at a glance

In each phase of the system life cycle, our experts support you with all your requirements thanks to their comprehensive technical expertise, extensive experience, and the latest test processes.
Commissioning testing
  • Risk assessment
  • Support with determining the necessary inspection periods
  • Inspection before initial commissioning according to BetrSichV
  • Testing and schedule management
  • Periodic testing according to BetrSichV
  • Accident and damage investigation
  • Inspections according to DGUV V3
System modification
  • Determining hazards in advance
  • Inspection after modifications or repairs according to BetrSichV

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