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Automotive testing service

Material testing and damage analysis

As the leading testing organization in the automotive sector, DEKRA is the right laboratory testing partner for manufacturers, suppliers and retail when it comes to the quality of vehicle parts and components as well as automotive chemicals and operating fluids. DEKRA tests components, accessories, spare parts, coolants, car care and cleaning products according to many OEM standards.

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Residual dirt analysis of precision parts and particle determination of filters

Residual dirt remaining on surfaces from production processes impairs the function of electronic or technical components. For manufacturers, suppliers or users, DEKRA offers accredited cleanliness tests according to customer specifications and international standards.

Prüfung Labortest

Your benefits from cleanliness testing at DEKRA

  • Comprehensive residual dirt determination and analysis of particles and oil films
  • LABS tests of materials, components, products and equipment
  • Accredited laboratory analysis and testing according to all common customer specifications and test procedures
  • Fast, safe and reliable test results with meaningful reports

Particularly in the automotive industry, as well as in medical technology, aviation and the electrical industry, expectations regarding the quality and functionality of components are high. It is therefore important to avoid any possible contamination in production and processing procedures. For example, silicones, solvents and other critical substances can cause coating defects in the painting process or damage to components due to contamination. For cleanliness testing of components, precision parts and filters, we offer comprehensive residual contamination testing and determination of your component samples in our accredited laboratory in Stuttgart according to your individual requirements and on the basis of internationally recognized standards such as VDA 19 and ISO 16232. We also perform LABS tests in accordance with VDMA 24364 to assess the LABS conformity of your products, parts and components for painting systems.

Technical cleanliness testing - our test scope

  • Technical cleanliness according to VDA 19/ISO 16232
  • LABS testing (PWIS, paint wetting impairment substances, VDMA 24364, LABS-free)
  • Compressed air cleanliness based on paint compatibility and LABS conformity (Pos. 6.2 & 6.3, VDMA 15390-3)
  • Particles in hydraulic fluids (ISO 4406 / ISO 4407)
  • Cleanliness of charge air coolers (SAE J 1726)
  • Residual dirt in heat exchangers (PV 3678)
  • Filtration and gravimetric determination of residual dirt quantity
  • Testing of extractable soluble residues (VDI 2083 sheet 23)
  • Determination of organic contaminants (NVR, non-volatile residues) and identification by infrared spectroscopy (ATR microscope IR) and gas chromatography
  • Air extraction of air-bearing components
  • Ionic contamination (IPC-TM-650, 2.3.25, IPC-TM-650, 2.3.28)

Vehicle interior air quality according to automotive standards

With new user interfaces, innovative materials and individualisation options, the importance of material quality and processing in the vehicle interior is increasing. Our accredited laboratory supports you with tests of vehicle interior parts for emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and condensable substances (FOG), which influence the air quality in the interior, health and driving comfort.

Schadstoff Labor-Test

Your benefits from emission and odor testing at DEKRA

  • Comprehensive analyses of the emission behaviour of components
  • Burning behaviour, material analyses and component testing from a single source
  • Specialist know-how and in-depth industry knowledge in the automotive industry
  • Fast, safe and reliable test results with meaningful reports

In the car interior, emitting substances can negatively impact the air quality and thus may pose a health risk. They occur as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), for example from plastics of interior parts or components.In our DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory our experts use test chamber and odour measurements as well as chemical analyses to examine and evaluate the emission behaviour of car interior parts under various environmental conditions. We offer you measurements and analysis procedures in accordance with many standards and OEM-specifications, such as VDA 270, VDA 276-1, VDA 277 and VDA 278.

Vehicle interior air quality (VIAQ) testing - our test scope

Materials and component testing

  • VDA 270 – odour characteristics of trim materials in motor vehicle
  • VDA 275 – formaldehyde emission (bottle method)
  • VDA 277 – TVOC / headspace GC-FID
  • VDA 278 – thermodesorption analysis (TD-GC/MS)
  • DIN 75201-B – fogging, gravimetric
  • FMVSS 302 – flammability of interior materials
  • DIN 75200 – burning behaviour of interior materials
  • UNECE R118, annex 6 - horizontal burning rate of materials
  • VDA 276 – test chamber emission of car interior components
  • DIN ISO 12219-4 – emissions of volatile organic compounds from vehicle interior parts and materials - small chamber method
  • DIN ISO 12219-6 – emissions of SVOC (semi-volatile organic compounds) from vehicle interior parts and materials at higher temperature - small chamber method
  • DIN ISO 12219-7 – odour determination in interior air of road vehicles and test chamber air of trim components by olfactory measurements
  • DIN ISO 16000 – VOC emission, GC-MS-screening, aromatics, aldehydes, ketones
  • amines, phthalates, nitrosamines

Testings according to OEM specifications

  • GS 97014-3 – emissions measurement with air exchange in a test chamber (summer test)
  • GS 97014-4 – olfactory behavior
  • GS 97038 – burning behavior
  • DBL 5307 – flammability AA 10, AA 11, AA 12
  • DBL 5430 – emission and odor in the car Interior
  • DBL 1000 – emission and odor in the car Interior
  • PV 3015 – fogging
  • PV 3925 – formaldehyde
  • PV 3900 – odor
  • PV 3341 – total carbon
  • VW 50180 – emission behavior of materials and components of the vehicle interior
  • PN 780 – emission behavior
  • TL1010 – burning behavior of materials / components in the passenger compartment

Please contact us regarding current OEM approvals as well as to coordinate your specific test concept. Classification of the detected individual substances with regard to substance prohibitions, declaration obligations and hazardous substance regulations (e.g. GADSL, CLP) is also carried out by our experts.

Component testing for the automotive supply industry according to manufacturer specifications

Quality requirements for car parts in the interior and exterior are described by the OEM in technical specifications. Initial sample tests in approved laboratories serve as proof for suppliers that the supplied parts and components comply with the corresponding specifications.

Bretten Labor-Test

Your benefits from emission and odor testing at DEKRA

  • cross-material knowledge of manufacturer requirements and technical specifications
  • plausibility analysis of the required tests with regard to the component geometry and installation situation
  • support in the preparation of the test plan and communication with the OEM

For automotive suppliers in the fields of plastics, paints, coatings, surfaces, electronic components, we offer laboratory testing according to automotive standards. The broad spectrum of our services ranges from the elaboration and compilation of the required testing scope, to the competent execution of the tests, to the preparation of detailed test reports. Tests include material identification, verification of mechanical properties and material requirements, media resistance, testing of coated components, climate & corrosion tests of internal and external components, hot light aging (xenon test) , Kalahari & Florida test, heat ageing, cold and thermal behaviour, mechanical shock and temperature shock test.

Interior testing includes

  • Environmental resistance
  • Surface properties
  • Media resistance
  • Mechanical properties
  • Dimensional stability
  • Functional properties
  • Emission behavior
  • Burning behavior

Exterior testing includes

  • Coating strength
  • Surface properties
  • Corrosion protection
  • Mechanical properties
  • Metallographic properties

Please contact us regarding your required OEM specification for materials, single parts and assemblies.

Effective car cleaners comply with legal requirements, show efficient cleaning results and protect the environment. The quality and suitability of applied operating fluids also influence the functionality and service life of equipment, engines and motor vehicles. Our experts support you with chemical analyses for research and quality assurance. We also offer comprehensive tests and examinations in the event of damage.

Labortest KFZ

Your benefits from cleanliness testing at DEKRA

  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Comprehensive, accredited laboratory analytics and approved test methods
  • Fast, safe and reliable test results with meaningful reports
  • DEKRA seal for car cleaning and care products

Fulfilling legal requirements

Car care products and cleaners are commodities in the sense of the German Food and Feed Code (LFGB). They are subject to the EU Detergents Regulation (VO (EG) 648/2004) and the Detergents and Cleaning Agents Act (WRMG). In addition, there are requirements for labelling, safety data sheets (GHS / CLP) and reporting obligations (UFI codes). We support you in all matters concerning labelling and questions about the marketability of your products.

Achieving optimum effect

Customer expectations and requirements regarding material compatibility and effectiveness of screen wash articles and care products are also high. The accredited DEKRA laboratory offers you a wide range of laboratory tests and application tests with approved and self-developed test procedures for the necessary verifications as cleaning performance tests of screen cleaners in our temperature test chamber.

Car care products, cleaners and operating fluids - our test scope

Testing of cleaning performance, material compatibility and ingredients

  • chemical analysis of ingredients
  • physico-chemical determination of required information for safety data sheets
  • freezing point
  • flash point
  • material compatibilities
  • performance testings for the DEKRA seal
  • cleaning performance testing (DEKRA temperature test chamber)
  • efficiency of care care articles
  • testing of VDA compliant car wash chemicals (pos. 4., VDA)
  • emulsifying capacity of aqueous surface-active cleaning agents („tenside cleaners”) and biological compatibility (sewage behaviour ÖNORM B 5105 / 5106)
  • Approval by Austrian Standards as test institute (inspection and analysis) for ÖNORM-certification of cleaners

Fuel analyses, testing of coolants and brake fluids

Our experts use chemico-physical analysis to determine ingredients, characteristics and impurities of operating fluids. The scope of testing also includes material compatibility tests and performance tests. To determine the causes of damage, our experts also carry out damage analyses.

  • coolants analysis (ASTM D3306, DEKRA seal)
  • flux residues from radiators
  • residues and impurities in fuels regarding contamination or misfuelling (petrol, diesel)
  • fuel quality of emergency power generators
  • engine oils and lubricants testing (impurities and damage investigations)
  • brake fluids analysis (ISO 4925)

On the basis of laboratory analyses and practical tests, we test the following products regarding performance, ingredients and material compatibility.

  • windscreen cleaner & de-icer
  • wheel rim cleaner
  • car shampoos, waxes & polishes
  • car wash cleaners, workshop and industry cleaners
  • cleaners for use in the food sector
  • cleaning products for households
  • oil sorbents for roads and water (DWA-A 716)
  • coolants
  • lubricants


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