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Laboratory sites DEKRA Automobil GmbH, Germany

DEKRA laboratory services for material quality and chemical safety

As a central and international DEKRA laboratory service provider, our experts offer an interdisciplinary range of tests covering all aspects of chemical safety and material quality.
This includes environmental analyses, hazardous substances and emission tests of consumer goods and technical products, testing of operating fluids and components, testing of plastics and metals, material testing, environmental simulation tests as well as damage analyses. Our DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025-accredited laboratories in Germany (DEKRA Automobil GmbH) are located in Bretten, Halle, Saarbrucken and Stuttgart. In addition, we offer a wide range of further testing and certification options in our global DEKRA laboratory network.
Automotive testing services
As the leading testing organization in the automotive sector, DEKRA is the right laboratory testing partner for manufacturers, suppliers and retail when it comes to the quality of vehicle parts and components as well as automotive chemicals and operating fluids. DEKRA tests components, accessories, spare parts, coolants, car care and cleaning products according to many OEM standards.
Chemical Safety Testing
Monitoring of chemical safety is essential in the manufacture of consumer goods. Compliance with international chemical regulations such as RoHS and REACH, for food contact materials and customer specifications are often required. But hazardous substances also pose a risk at the workplace. Our accredited chemical laboratories offer comprehensive testing services and expertise.
Material testing and damage analysis
In our accredited laboratories we test structures and properties of metal alloys, plastics and composites. For manufacturers, insurance industry and retail we carry out comprehensive damage investigations to distinguish between misuse, mounting and material defects. Our experts detect overload, fatigue and stress on materials, for example caused by corrosion or material defects.
Materials engineering and inspection services
We are DIBt recognised as a testing, monitoring and certification body (PÜZ). Our experts inspect, test and certify concrete-reinforcing steel products. For fire protection of buildings we test sprinkler heads on our own test stand.
Environmental simulation & surface resistance testing
Parts and components are exposed to various environmental stresses. With test chambers we simulate various climatic conditions in advance and use stress tests to check whether the function of a product is impaired. We assess surface properties and check surface coatings for their protective function against corrosion, UV radiation, mechanical stress and its media resistance.